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Afroman Happy to be Alive New Album

• May 27, 2016
Afroman Happy to be Alive

Afroman Happy to be Alive

We all know and love Afroman from the infamous single “Because I Got High” that dropped what feels like an eternity ago (it was actually 2000). We’ve now received the news that Afroman Happy to be Alive is the brand new album from Afroman which is available now.

It’s been a while since Afroman has been in the spotlight, there was an unfortunate incident which saw a video go viral of Afroman punching a female fan on stage. Since then Afroman apologised and continued working on creating brand new music. Afroman Happy to be Alive is the latest offering, that is available to download on iTunes and Cleopatra. The 14 track album features no guest appearances (all Afroman!) and we have posted the official artwork, track listing and download links here. We also had the pleasure of hosting an exclusive Afroman track “Selling Yayo” which does not feature on the album. Make sure you check that out by listening on the YouTube player below.

1. Keep On Hustling
2. Happy To Be Alive
3. Smokin’ Hay
4. High On The Highway
5. Taking Over
6. Whatever
7. Beat Of Life
8. Weed Life
9. Humpin’
10. Because I Got High
11. Palmdale
12. She Won’t Let Me Fuck
13. Crazy Rap
14. Christmas Time



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Afroman – Selling Yayo

• February 11, 2014 • Comments (0)


DOWNLOAD | Afroman – Marijuana Music

HHK YouTube | Afroman Facebook

We are delighted to share the brand new track from Afroman titled “Selling Yayo”. Following the release of Afroman’s 2013 album “Marijuana Music”, Selling Yayo is the first of two tracks which we will be releasing over the course of the week. Afroman’s famous single “Cos I Got High” is still regarded as a classic and Afroman has the task of living up to the hype with the forthcoming music he releases in 2014. Make sure you subscribe to the official HHK YouTube Channel and check the Afroman Facebook Group (both links above) for the latest Afroman music. You can listen to¬†Afroman – Selling Yayo on the YouTube player below.


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