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Snowgoons Split Video – Its a Queens Thing and Tight Team

• May 6, 2017
Snowgoons Split Video

Snowgoons Split Video

This is the latest offering from the Snowgoons with a split video for two tracks. Its a Queens Thing and Tight Team feature in the Snowgoons split video.

DOWNLOAD | Snowgoons – Goon Bap

Snowgoons have teamed up with Big Twins for the track Queens Thing, and joined forces with Hex One for the track Tight Team. The new Snowgoons split video features both tracks back to back. A big shout out goes to DJ Danetic with the cuts for the record, and the official video has been uploaded to the Snowgoons YouTube page. The tracks are blended into one continual record which fits perfectly.

Snowgoons have released their album “Goon Bap” which you can download from the iTunes link above. Make sure you read the 25 Facts on Goon Bap which Snowgoons gave us before the album dropped. Please also browse the Hip-Hop Kings archives for previous music we’ve blogged from the album including Keep Runnin (ft Chris Rivers) and Give Me Room (ft Flatlinerz). You can watch the Snowgoons Split Video – Its a Queens Thing and Tight Team on the YouTube player below.


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