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J. Cole – Power Trip

• February 22, 2013 • Comments (0)

Last week J Cole released his “Truly Yours” EP and promised to follow it up with the first single to his much anticipated upcoming album “Born Sinner”.  Well here it is, with the help of Miguel on the hook Cole puts his spin on a “radio friendly single” for the ladies.  Cole sat down with MTV’s RapFixLive and had this to say:

“The most exciting part about that song [‘Power Trip’] and the reason why we went with it is that it sounds like nothing that’s out, and it was between that, and this other record that’s like, maybe a bigger record, but ‘Power Trip’ had that newer sound. They both have a new sound, but ‘Power Trip,’ absolutely you couldn’t point to any song on the radio and be like, ‘Oh, this sounds like that’…everything from the beat to the way that I’m flowing, you’ve never really heard me so sleepy. I really did them verses in my crib and just loved the way they felt.”


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