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Method Man and Redman To Perform Live at o2 Academy in Leeds

• December 17, 2014 • Comments (0)

Method Man and Redman

TICKETS | Method Man and Redman Live in Leeds

EXCLUSIVE | 25 Facts About Joe Snow – Sense Outer Madness

PREVIOUS | Tha Office vs Defenders of Style Cypher

On Sunday the 21st of December, the city of Leeds will be given a perfect pre-Christmas gift in the form of Method Man and Redman, who will be performing at the o2 Academy. There are still limited tickets available which can be purchased from the link listed above, and local artists and HHK featured artists Tha Office and Defenders of Style will be the supporting acts. Make sure you check out Tha Office and Defenders of Style HHK exclusives on the links listed above, and look out for HHK at the event (we accept drinks, food, merchandise and £10.00 notes). You can also watch Tha Office exclusive freestyle with HHK below.

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25 Facts About Joe Snow – Sense Outer Madness

• November 22, 2014 • Comments (1)

Joe Snow - Sense Outer Madness

PRE-ORDER | Joe Snow – Sense Outer Madness

PREVIOUS | Joe Snow Freerstyle and Interview w/Hip-Hop Kings (2011)

West Yorkshire Hip-Hop artist and Defenders of Style member Joe Snow gives Hip-Hop Kings his 25 facts about the upcoming album “Sense Outer Madness”. Joe Snow’s Sense Outer Madness will be available from the 2nd of December from the download link above.

1. JOE SNOW are actually my initials. After mi mother never fully got over the freedom of the 60’s she named me after every possible father – Joe, Oliver, Elliot, Stephen, Neville, Owen and good old Winston who use to pop round every other Sunday to buy nock off baccy with his 3 legged dog Clyde.

2. Some of the verses from the album ‘Sense Outer Madness’ where nearly released 5 years ago on what was going to be my debut solo album. Thank god they weren’t cos the amount of horse tranquilizers I was consuming at that point made me think the title ‘Life In Poetry’ was a good name.

3. Defenders Of Style have a handful of DJ’s on call cos our Original DJ Sirplus keeps running off with the circus.

4. Defenders have a lot of the good Support slots in Leeds, from Master Ace to Immortal Technique and on the 21st of Dec we’ll be supporting Method Man and Redman alongside the Tha Office. Whilst I like to pretend its because of talent its probably more cos I give a cracking foot massage and the promoter T.Green has some proper horrid toes.

5. I once went traveling for a few months. Whilst I was away one of mi house mates brought a random lass back from town. Too drunk to perform he passed out so the lass belled some next random geeza to come round to my yard. My other house mate heard people in my room and knowing I was away he went in to find two random people fucking in my bed. They didn’t tell me till me this till 2 years later.
That has fuck all to do with music like, but still……..

6.The track ‘Thats Life’ from the album ‘Sense Outer Madness’ features the singer Cleve Freckleton. Cleve has been making music for decades and is also the father to one of the U.Ks best battle rappers.

7. On the subject of singers, the other singer on the album is Maddie Barber aka Baddy Marber aka EM BIZZLE, She’s referred to in the industry as what is know as a garage sensation.

8. I did a show with one of the U.K’s biggest producer/rappers and he told us Busta Rhymes is actually a homosexual, not sure if I’m avin that en tho.

9. The name for the DS album ‘Dolce Stil Novo’ means ‘Sweet New Style’ in Italian and was the name of a literary movement in the 13th century, To this date no one in Defenders as been known to pronounce it correctly.

10. I have a pal that used to be able to blow smoke out his ear, True Story!!

11. Almost every track recorded for ‘Tha Office vs DS’ mixtape was wrote, written and recorded in Alan Macks house just off Town Street cho. It was easily the most fun I’ve had writing an album. We’d turn up mid day and start drinking hard liquor whilst working on the beat and writing the bars at the same time. For live shows I had to learn every one of my bars again cos I was that pissed when it was recorded it was like someone else had wrote em.

12. The sofa from the video ‘Fish In A Barrel’ was left at the top of the Cow and Calf rocks after filming, it is now used by a homeless dude that claims he is the inventor of the Spork (A spoon shaped fork with a jagged edge for cutting)

13. Sonar Cousin who produced a lot of the ‘Sense Outer Madness’ album got his name off his uncle Sonar who was a B-Boying champion out in South Africa, he was originally going to be called Sonar’s Nephew but Sonar Cousin had more of a ring to it.

14. If you put Lego and Matter in a room together and say a 4 syllable sentence they will then carry on rhyming multis to each other till you feel like killing yoursen. This was proved to be true back in 1963 when a poor monk asked matter to buy him a “Packet of crisps.”

15. Defenders Of Style when abbreviated is D.S NOT D.O.S!!!!!

16. DJ Sirplus once needed a piss on in the middle of a show, so in front of a couple hundred people he whipped his wanger out and pissed in a pint glass. No one noticed!

17. 419 is a code for DS that is so technical I don’t even fully understand it mi sen.

18. I have more hair on my toes than i do on my face.

19. ‘Heroine’ From the album ‘Sense Outer Madness’ is a track comparing the emotions of a relationship to that of a Drug Addiction. Its based on my experiences in a few different relationships all muddled into one, however the Jackie Chan line is specific to one ex where I had to climb out the window and down a drain pipe. she then silently ran up on us and unleashing a Muay Thai fly kick, I was more impressed than mad.

20. After years of getting far too high I don’t actually smoke weed anymore. I still wanted to make a track for my listeners to sit down and get blazed to tho that’s why Mr Nice is on the album. (I had to put this fact in cos mi pal Lang gives us shit about it all’t time)

21. I have a mate that once got so goosed he shat in a bin!

22. In high school Defenders Of Style was originally Sick Syllables (we were only young) when we clocked the logo was SS and decided to change it to DS pretty quickly.

23. Louis Le Prince was the first guy to film some sh*t and he filmed it in Roundhay Park! Also Erasmus Darwin (darwins grandad) clocked onto evolution way before his kids lil nipper and he got all his ideas off a guy called David Hartley who like Alan Mack lived just off Town Street in Armley. LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS!!!

24. Lego is Shit at FIFA

25. The next DS album is gunna be out sometime in 2015 on www.defendersofstyle.bandcamp.com its guna easy be our best work to date but till then go get yoursen a copy of Sense Outer Madness from the same site!

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Defenders of Style vs Tha Office Cypher

• March 21, 2014 • Comments (2)

Defenders of Style vs Tha Office

PREVIOUS | Defenders of Style – Pianist

Two of Leeds’ biggest Hip-Hop groups release a collaborative video titled the Defenders of Style vs Tha Office cypher. Most MC’s on the video have been featured on Hip-Hop Kings in the past including the likes of Joe Snow, Teknico, Matta, J Bravo, Optik, Potter, Zen, Jack Danz, Dialect and P Solja. Credits go to Chris Bromley for filming and editing the cypher, and look out for the Defenders of Style vs Tha Office mixtape which will be available to download from April 4th 2014. You can watch the Defenders of Style vs Tha Office Cypher on the YouTube player below.

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Defenders of Style – Pianist

• December 10, 2013 • Comments (2)

Defenders of Style

RELATED | Loe Pesci vs Matter (Don’t Flop Battle)

PREVIOUS | Defenders of Style – High Noon

The Defenders of Style promised new music this evening and here it is. The new single “Pianist” was uploaded to the official Defenders of Style YouTube page around 10 minutes ago and is quickly racking up views as we speak. Last month the DSFam released “High Noon” which was made available as a free download from the Defenders of Style website. You can listen to Defenders of Style – Pianist on the YouTube player below.


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Defenders of Style – High Noon

• November 11, 2013 • Comments (0)

Defenders of Style

DOWNLOAD | http://bit.ly/1aBcm3e

Previous | Defenders of Style – 419

West-Yorkshire based Hip-Hop crew Defenders of Style present the video for their latest single “High Noon”. DSFam are one of the pioneers of the Leeds Hip-Hop scene and the likes of Jack Danz and Disgust show why they are highly regarded among peers and fans of the genre. The single has also been made available as a free download from the Defenders of Style website (link listed above). You can watch Defenders of Style – High Noon on the YouTube player below.

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Immortal Technique Announces Event in Leeds

• October 2, 2012 • Comments (1)
Immortal Technique in Leeds

Immortal Technique in Leeds

Ticket Link – http://bit.ly/U3kGXA

As part of his 2012 U.K and European tour, Immortal Technique has announced that he’ll be performing in Leeds at the University on 1st November 2012. “This Is Hip Hop” are the promoters of the event, and have called upon local artists Defenders of Style as opening acts, as well as DJ Konny Kon who’ll be the DJ for the evening. Immortal Technique has sold out his Manchester show, so fans looking to see him in 2012 are encouraged to buy tickets from the link listed above. You can view the official set of tour dates along with the event poster for the Immortal Technique event in Leeds here.

21.10.12 – Brighton (Concorde 2)
25.10.12 – London (Electric Brixton)
27.10.12 – Birmingham (Drum Theatre)
28.10.12 – Manchester (Academy)
30.10.12 – Glasgow (o2 ABC)
01.11.12 – Leeds (University)
02.11.12 – Belfast (Mandela Hall)

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Defenders of Style – 419

• July 9, 2012 • Comments (1)

Defenders of Style

Defenders of Style

Download | http://bit.ly/ADTXxC

Leeds-based collective Defenders of Style have released the video to their latest single 419 (credits go to FeebleMedia), which is the first of a two-part installment from the DS family. Defenders of Style are still promoting their mixtape “Dirty Sterling” which is where the single is taken from, and fans can download the mixtape on the download link above. Look out for more Defenders of Style promotion coming soon, including the second part of this particular project, however you can watch the brand new video for the single 419 on the youtube player below.

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Edan and Mr Lif Live In Leeds

• March 29, 2012 • Comments (0)

Edan and Mr Lif Live in Leeds

Edan and Mr Lif Live in Leeds

Fresh Jive and Swagstastik Beat Battles present Edan and Mr Lif Live in Leeds on Saturday 28th April. The night will also feature live B-Boy Battles and Live Beat Battles, hosted by Defenders of Style rapper Prys. Doors will open 7pm – 10.30pm and tickets are as cheap as £8.00 in advance. As Hip-Hop Kings readers are aware, we are working alongside Sedgwick Avenue this year, and the official after party will be held there for more drinks and Hip-Hop music. You can view the official Edan and Mr Lif flyer here.

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Defenders of Style – Dirty Sterling [Free Download]

• February 3, 2012 • Comments (1)

Defenders of Style

Defenders of Style


For the constant growing West Yorkshire Hip-Hop scene, nobody is more relevant than Defenders of Style, and their latest mixtape “Dirty Sterling” is once again available for free download. Defenders of Style (Jack Danz, Disgust, Prys, Joe snow, DJ Sirplus) have collectively released the project in an effort to showcase their latest music to the nation. The fourteen track mixtape also includes guest features from the likes of Jack Flash, Matter and Lego amongst other local artists. Dirty Sterling is available for free download from the official Defenders of Style bandcamp page (link above), and you can also view the official Defenders of Style logo here. Hip-Hop Kings fans can watch the freestyle and interview with Defenders of Style MC Joe Snow on the video player below.

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