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Demigodz – Demigodz is Back

• January 19, 2013 • Comments (0)
Demigodz - KILLMatic

Demigodz – KILLMatic

As HHK previously announced, legendary rap crew Demigodz will be releasing their first official album “KILLMatic” on 5th March 2013. The news raised excitement with immediate effect, and only five days after posting the info, I have the first official video from the project titled “Demigodz is Back”. Specifically Apathy, Ryu and Celph Titled feature on Demigodz is Back, and visuals go to Andrew Camacho of Flawless Visuals. I also have the full track listing now which you can view here, and you can also watch Demigodz – Demigodz is Back on the YouTube player below.

1. “Intro” (Giants On The Earth)
2. “Demigodz Is Back” ft Apathy, Ryu & Celph Titled
3. “Dumb High” ft Apathy, Motive, Esoteric, Celph Titled & Open Mic
4. “Never Take Me Out” ft Apathy, Celph Titled & Termanology
5. “Just Can’t Quit” ft Apathy, Celph Titled, Motive, Blacastan, Ryu & Scoop Deville
6. “Worst Nightmare” ft Apathy, Ryu, Blacastan, Esoteric, Motive & Celph Titled
7. “Can’t Fool Me” ft Apathy, Blacastan, Esoteric, Motive, Celph Titled & Eternia
8. “DGZ x NYGz” ft Apathy, Blacastan, Celph Titled & Panchi of NYG’z
9. “Dead In The Middle” ft Ryu, Celph Titled & Apathy
10. “The Gospel According To…” ft Celph Titled, Esoteric, Motive, Blacastan & Planetary of Outerspace
11. “Raiders Cap” ft Apathy, Ryu, Motive & Celph Titled
12. “The Fallen Angels” ft Apathy, Motive & Celph Titled
13. “The Summer Of Sam” ft Apathy, Blacastan, Esoteric, Motive, Ryu & Celph Titled
14. “Tomax & Xamot” ft Apathy & Esoteric
15. “Captain Caveman” ft Apathy, Celph Titled & RA The Rugged Man
16. “Audi 5000” ft Apathy, Celph Titled, Motive, Ryu, Esoteric & Blacastan

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