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Eskar and Irn Mnky Silent Running Album Breakdown

• May 13, 2017
Eskar and Irn Mnky Silent Runnings Album Breakdown

Eskar and Irn Mnky Silent Running Album Breakdown

You’re in for a treat. In our popular 25 facts series we get some unique and exclusive facts on the rappers themselves. Both Eskar and Irn Mnky have agreed to give us a track-by-track breakdown on the recent album Silent Running. Here is the Eskar and Irn Mnky Silent Running album breakdown.

DOWNLOAD | Eskar and Irn Mnky – Silent Running

Track 01 Remember

Irn Mnky : Built around a section from “Easy as Pie” by the Purify Brothers and Ben Moore. Han’s secret island welcoming from Enter The Dragon opens the album.

Eskar : Remember when Hip Hop was fun and all about the love? When you could say whatever you wanted, without being judged or ridiculed? When cats didn’t have to front like the biggest baddest gangster with a truck load of weaponry to make something of themselves? Me too, they were the day’s. For me, this track embodies Hip Hop’s feeling of youth.

Track 02 Privileged Life

Irn Mnky : Began as an acoustic jam over a raw beat and slowly transformed into this version. A killer hook delivered by Krankit finished the job.

Eskar : Without doubt the deepest and most personal track I have made. I was scared to put this track out into such a judgemental world. It’s worked out in my favour, like therapy.

Track 03  Rock The Auditorium

Irn Mnky : Built around a vocal snippet from “Droppin em” by LL Cool J from the “Walking with a Panther” album. Guitars added last. Great heavy raw sounding track.

Eskar : People keep telling me that I shouldn’t rap so fast, so I decided to speed it up. Some of my best flows conceived  are  on this gem.

Track 04 Jpeg

Irn Mnky : Sax and trumpet samples from a record given to me by Mega Mouth (with a great cover). Shirley on the hook.

Eskar: Keep that 3rd eye open, thats all I’m saying…

Track 05 Missing Peace’s

Irn Mnky : A small section of “Smiling Faces” by The Undisputed Truth. Lowered, looped and filtered on the S2000. See if you can spot it.

Eskar : There is a big difference between arrogance and self believe. A statement on those who deliberately ignore those who go all in for small returns.

 Track 06 Wasabi

Irn Mnky : Oriental samples meet Kes. We liked the clash of broad Yorkshire and the oriental soundscape.

Eskar : I love the intricacy of using one long rhyming scheme throughout this whole song. Serious flows, punchlines and metaphors – it’s clever s**t.

Track 07 Maverick

Irn Mnky : Created from sections of “Whatcha see is whatcha get” by The Dramatics. The track was called “Dramatik” until we changed the name.

Eskar: I have never had a crew, a hype man, or anyone who really stands by me though my musical process. That’s the way it should be… I do it on my own! This is one of those tunes that screams “yeah, I got this”.

Track 08 Outsider

Irn Mnky : Yep it’s Randy Newman. Eskar had the lyrics done and this was made to fit them. There is a special version of it on the vinyl release.

Eskar : After all the controversy with Brexit and the Donald Trump election, I had to make some kind of statement. Migrants are human too, no less worthy to any society than you or me!

Track 09 Malevolent

Irn Mnky : The melody may sound familiar – it’s a 70’s version of “I can sing a Rainbow” – twisted up to sound dark.

Eskar : I have always been attracted to the darker things in life, I think that comes out in this one… I enjoyed watching videos about satanic rituals and exorcisms to get the influence for writing Malevolent. It was in a devilish video where I found the sample for the hook.

Track 10 Sonata

Irn Mnky : The first track we demo’d for Silent Running and the last to be finished. Russian DJ Mr And-7 provided the cuts. Sub bass direct from the S3000XL I recall.

Eskar : An artist who I thought I was cool with was chatting some s**t about me. As a way to vent I implied that the dude looks a certain way. After a few weeks I decided I was not going to release the track with that bar on, I did respect the dude to some extent. Soon after I heard that his crew had been snooping into my files at the studio and heard the bar. Here it is in it’s original form – enjoy!

Track 11 Counting Sheep

Irn Mnky : War – What is it good for?

Eskar : Wake up sheeple!

Track 12 Dreamin

Irn Mnky : I first heard the soul singer “Swamp Dogg” a couple of years ago via a random charity shop find – he’s amazing. Check him out.  The track is built from parts of this gem…

Eskar : Li[f[e is just a li[]e if your not giving an [f]

Track 13 LOL

Irn Mnky : Track built around guitar sounds taken from a few tracks by the same solo artist – I best leave this one at that.

Eskar : Lets all say that we’re laughing even though we’re not… If there is one thing that I hate, it’s this generation built on false online identities. LOL.

Track 14 Lost

Irn Mnky : The cousin of “Privileged Life”. Krankit delivered again after Eskar and myself created a demo vocal (that will never be heard).

Eskar : It must be no surprise that I am one emotional being when it comes to relationships. I originally wanted to sing the hook on this but can’t sing for s**t. Krankit saved the day!

Track 15 Wait

Irn Mnky : I was watching the Columbo episode “Lady in Waiting” and heard the mad strings in the soundtrack. Made the beat shortly after and we recorded it the next day.

Eskar : I heard this beat and got all tingly inside. I could not WAIT to get this one down so it was written and recorded in the time it takes Irn Mnky to tie his shoelace. Bare in mind he’s a velcro kinda guy and can’t tie shoelaces too good…

Track 16 FluteJam

Irn Mnky :  20 MC’s, 1 DJ and over 15 minutes long. A serious amount of work that went into it, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I think about it. All the different vibes each person brought to the track made it 100% worthwhile.

Eskar : An official world record breaking track with some of the best rappers in the country, nuff said.

Track 17 Osiris

Irn Mnky : We met up with Marc7 while Jurassic 5 were in Manchester on the last tour. esSDee had a studio reserved and we recorded it all before the gig. The original mix is on the “Soylent Green” album we made last year.

Eskar : A dream come true, not many 21 year old rappers from Huddersfield could say they did a classic single with a true Hip Hop icon they grew up listening too.

We hope you enjoyed the Eskar and Irn Mnky Silent Running album breakdown.


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Eskar Releases Flutejam (World Record Posse Cut)

• March 6, 2017
Eskar Releases Flutejam

Eskar Releases Flutejam

WY based rapper Eskar releases Flutejam which is taken from his album “Silent Running”. The record is a world record for the longest posse cut.

Eskar has teamed up with Irn Mnky who produced the single (along with the Silent Running album) and the guest features on the posse cut come from Scorzayzee, Sandy Minto, Tenchoo, Spee 69, Micky Swagz, Spida Lee, Doberman, Junior Disprol (from Dead Residents), ABD, Krankit, Watson G (from Knew Jeruslum), Mury P (from No Pretense), Kinetik, JollyJay, Ciaran Mac, Lego, Obi Joe (from China Shop Bull), Gen and the legendary Micall Parknsun. Eskar releases Flutejam through his bandcamp page and the single is available to download now. Additional credits to DJ esSDee for the cuts on the record.

You can listen to Eskar – Flutejam on the bandcamp player below.



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Eskar Trapped (Official Video)

• March 14, 2016
Eskar Trapped (Soylent Green)

Eskar Trapped (Soylent Green)

WY artist Eskar has released the brand new video for his single “Trapped”. Eskar Trapped is the latest work which is featured on Eskar and Irn Mnky’s collaborative album “Soylent Green” which fans can download from the iTunes link listed below.

DOWNLOAD | Soylent Green – Eskar

Credits go to Jack The Rapper who directed and edited the video, and production from Irn Mnky. Soylent Green is a 12 track album which features guest appearances from Marc 7 (Jurassic 5) and Junior Bear. “Trapped” is the second official single from the project, as the collaborative effort with Marc 7 (Osiris) was released earlier this year. Eskar has put out Soylent Green following the release of the “Back to the Future Mixtape” which was also a collaboration with Irn Mnky. Fans can still download the mixtape from the bandcamp link below.

DOWNLOAD | Back to the Future Mixtape – Eskar and Irn Mnky

Look out for plenty of new music from Eskar this year, alongside his work with DJ esSDee on the new “Let Them Talk” show. We have the track listing and artwork (shouts Jonny Alpha) for Soylent Green here, and you can watch the new video for “Eskar Trapped” on the YouTube player below.

1. Soylent Green
2. Burner
3. Codes Of Enigma
4. Won’t Stop [feat. Junior Bear]
5. Uppercut
6. Trapped
7. Speed
8. Osiris [feat. Marc 7]
9. Catfish
10. All Lose
11. The Descent
12. Beats Love


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Let Them Talk – Pilot Show – DJ esSDee & Eskar

• February 27, 2016
Let Them Talk - DJ esSDee and Eskar

Let Them Talk – DJ esSDee and Eskar

WATCH | Eskar ft Marc 7 – Osiris

A few weeks ago a big debate was had surrounding the UK Hip-Hop scene, when DJ esSDee shared his views via a Facebook video. Following some great engagement (with split opinons) the result is an official pilot for the “Let Them Talk” show. DJ esSDee and Eskar team up for the one hour pilot show, showcasing different music within the UK Hip-Hop scene. The pair take it in turns to feature music and then discuss their points of view. The contrast between generations (DJ esSDee being 104 years old) and Eskar being 22 give fans two different perspectives.

In typical DJ esSDee fashion, his very direct approach to his thoughts is refreshing and his honesty is something that is needed for the “good of the scene”. Eskar is very much on top of the new/upcoming music and is a huge supporter and great rapper himself. (Note – please check the previous Eskar music we have posted on Hip-Hop Kings including the excellent collaboration with Jurassic 5 member Marc 7).

You can watch the Let Them Talk – Pilot Show by DJ esSDee & Eskar  on the YouTube player below.


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Eskar ft Marc 7 – Osiris

• November 28, 2015
Eskar ft Marc 7 - Osiris

Eskar ft Marc 7 – Osiris

DOWNLOAD | Osiris (feat. Marc7) – Single – Eskar

PREVIOUS | Irn Mnky and Eskar – Back to the Future Mixtape

This the official video from West Yorkshire based Eskar, and Jurassic 5 member Marc 7 for their collaborative effort titled “Osiris”. The pair met up during Jurassic 5’s UK tour, and recorded a track (and filmed the video) at Manchester Midi School. Shouts to Irn Mnky who produced the single and DJ esSDee who is credited as executive producer. There will be plenty of new music from Eskar and Marc 7 in 2016 and Hip-Hop Kings will be supporting both artists as soon as the new music reaches our inbox. You can watch the official video for Eskar ft Marc 7 – Osiris on the YouTube player below.


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Irn Mnky and Eskar – Back to the Future Mixtape

• October 21, 2015
Back to the Future Mixtape

Back to the Future Mixtape

DOWNLOAD | Irn Mnky and Eskar – Back to the Future Mixtape

As we celebrate BTTF day, Leeds based Irn Mnky and Eskar have teamed up to release their brand new mixtape “Back to the Future Mixtape”. Available to download from £6.99 from the bandcamp page listed above, the download is also available in cassette format which is limited edition so make sure you purchase early to avoid disappointment when it inevitably goes out of stock. You can view the official artwork and download link to the Irn Mnky and Eskar – Back to the Future Mixtape here.


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Eskar – Zip It Shut

• April 12, 2015 • Comments (7)

Eskar - Zip It Shut

DOWNLOAD | Eskar – Zip It Shut

West Yorkshire based Hip-Hop artist Eskar presents his album “Zip It Shut” which fans can download from the bandcamp link above. Eskar released a series of promotional tracks prior to the album release, including 3310 which featured Defenders of Style and DJ esSDee. The 17-track album features other guest appearances and production, notably an inclusion from the highly talented Irn Mnky on the single “Opposition Remix”. You can view the official artwork for Eskar – Zip It Shut above, and watch the video for 3310 below.



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Eskar ft Defenders of Style and DJ esSDee – 3310

• February 17, 2015 • Comments (1)


PREVIOUS | Eskar – Harping On

PREVIOUS | Defenders of Style ft Split Phophets – Ferme Le Bouche

Upcoming Leeds-based rapper Eskar has released the video for his single “3310”. In true tribute to the Nokia 3310, Eskar teams up with Leeds crew Defenders of Style and DJ esSDee for the track, which has been produced by Jack Danz. Check the Hip-Hop Kings archives for more Eskar music, and you can watch Eskar ft Defenders of Style and DJ esSDee – 3310 on the YouTube player below.


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Eskar – Harping On

• August 17, 2013 • Comments (1)

LINK | eskar.bandcamp.com

Previous | Eskar – Music (Prod DJ Illas)

Accompanied by a fantastic video, West Yorkshire based Hip-Hop artist Eskar shares the visuals for his latest single “Harping On”. Eskar has called upon the production brilliance of DJ Illas, while Arthur Haswell has been credited for the video work. Eskar explains that a mastered version of the single will be shortly available on “The Jibber Jabber E.P” (that may I add, will be available for free download) later in the year. In the meantime make sure you check out Eskar’s previous work on the bandcamp link above, and you can also watch Eskar – Harping On, on the YouTube player below.


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Eskar – Music (Prod DJ Illas) [Video]

• March 27, 2012 • Comments (2)

Eskar - The E.P

Eskar - The E.P


Making his debut on Hip-Hop Kings is West Yorkshire based Hip-Hop artist Eskar, with the video to his latest single “Music”. Credits go to George Milner who has filmed and edited the video alongside Eskar, and DJ Illas who produced the single for Eskar. The HD video is the quality that accompanies Eskar’s lyrical ability, and fans can check out the 10-track album titled “The E.P” from the download link above. You can watch the brand new video from Eskar – Music on the youtube player below.


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