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25 Facts About B.Dolan – Kill The Wolf

• July 19, 2015 • Comments (0)
B Dolan - Kill the Wolf

B Dolan – Kill the Wolf

DOWNLOAD | Kill the Wolf – B Dolan

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Following the release of B.Dolan’s “Kill The Wolf”, we have an exclusive 25 facts article containing information that you won’t know about the album. Please support B.Dolan by downloading Kill The Wolf from the iTunes link listed above, and look out for B.Dolan on his world tour in the forthcoming months.

1. Over 20 musicians, vocalists, producers and engineers were involved in the making of this record. It took me 5 years to complete.
2. Midway through the process, the lead engineer DS3K moved out of the studio he’d been working in for years and constructed a brand new custom studio that has reinvented our workflow and
made everything quicker / sonically amazing. However, the process of stripping a basement to the studs and building an acoustically engineered studio was not an easy or a quick one.
3. We were in such a rush to get back to work after the studio was constructed, we failed to properly ventilate / consider that the new building materials would be off-gassing. In this way, we very nearly killed ourselves making the album. After one long 4 day session, DS3K went to the hospital one day unable to form sentences properly, and they found elevated Carbon Monoxide in his bloodstream. This album reaked havoc on our health and mental well being more than once. It was during that time that I found the biblical quote from the Lazarus story that became that songs opening “hook” … “This sickness will not end in death.”
4. In the time it took to complete the album, Dave Lamb, the vocalist featured on the chorus of “Jailbreak” was diagnosed with Leukemia and passed away. He was part of an incredible Providence band called Brown Bird that I urge people to find and listen to. He was absolutely one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever known or worked with.
5. I listened to “Jailbreak” 8,000 times while making this album, and only understood the beginning of Aesop’s verse a month after the album was completed. “Vertical vertical vertical vertical diagonal” is a reference to the hashmarks a prisoner would make on the wall while counting off days.
6. I got married while making this album. It’s cool when your best friend is sexy and down to spoon. We get along good.
7. I released two mixtapes while making this record, House of Bees vol. 2 & 3, with Buddy Peace. We’re currently working out a DJ / MC set that we can tour around the world for the next few years. It’s sounding incredible and I’m very excited for people to see this tour.
8. The song “Rats Get Fat” took 6 months to write and record, and at one point featured an entirely different beat / bpm. We did a ton of work on that older version and eventually scrapped it, thought it became the main theme in a movie I wrote & scored last year called “Almost Mercy”. That movie will be on Netflix this July.
9. I wrote “Rats Get Fat” with the intention of turning it into an animated video, though it remains to be seen if the video artist I was originally collaborating with will come through on it. I hope he does, because it looks absolutely incredible, and is the reason I wrote such a visual story. He uses a style of photo animation that’s really unique and dark. The rats have scary red eyes. It’s awesome.

B.Dolan HHK

B.Dolan HHK

10. During a show w/ Scroobius Pip several years ago, the first song in my set caused a fuse in the venue to blow, shorting out the P.A. and lights. Being mid song and in front of 400 kids, I switched into spoken word mode and performed “Who Killed Russell Jones?” which I had just written at the time. A photographer in the front row switched his camera to video mode and captured the performance, which a fan later animated. We released that video as the first official ‘leak’ from this album.
11. I also reference that event, and the second time it happened, on the song “Stay Inspired.”
12. The second official leak was also fan created without too much of my knowledge or input. Ben Morgan, a talented filmmaker from Liverpool, asked me to send him some high energy stuff from the new record and I sent him “Alright”. A little while later he dropped that video in my lap, and I was so impressed with it we made that one official too.
13. “These Rooms” was the last song completed for the album. I had the concept in mind for a couple months, but hadn’t sat down to right it yet. At the last possible moment before the album was due, I booked myself into a hotel room 40 minutes from my house where I barricaded myself and wrote the song in one sitting. The instrumentation of that song was the only ‘beat’ I didn’t oversee the production of.
14. Jim Diotte created the “These Rooms” beat, and the last time I worked with him was on my debut LP “The Failure”, when he created the music for “The Crow on the Riddle”. He originally sent me that instrumental for a remix to the song ‘Heart Failure’, which will shock the shit out of people who know both songs.
15. Graffiti Busters had a sample that was impossible to clear, so it was removed, but it would have been my favorite scratch chorus of all time. I was able to edit together two different Rakim lyrics to create a perfect acapella of him saying: “When I’m finished / no graffiti on the wall” and it sounded hard as fuck. However, Def Jam sample clearance was not on the table.
16. “Safety Theater” is a real term used by people in the airport security industry. It refers to the parts of the airport arrival and check-in process that do nothing to actually protect you, but make you feel as if you are being watched / protected. For example your passport is checked several times when you fly internationally, but only once is it ever checked against the “do not fly” list. The other times it’s just being looked at for dramatic effect.
17. “Memory of Bombs” was written in two parts. At first, the song was started in the wake of the Newtown shooting. The idea had to do with an ancient legacy of violence in America, and sense of exceptionalism that sort of mirrors the psychology of a school shooter. I also read an article about the government’s attempts to dispose of a massive amount of nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, and the problems that arose from burying something that will still be poisonous and deadly in 10,000 years. A panel of experts was assembled to try and figure out how to warn civilizations that will be as different to us as we are to the humans who made cave paintings… and that idea really fascinated me.
18. In the midst of that, the events in Ferguson and the deaths of unarmed black teenagers suddenly became national news, and the second verse sort of fell into place. The common theme was white violence in America, and the long history of it and difficulty in facing it / “disposing of” it / addressing it.
19. While making this album I bought a house. It’s pretty damn cool. I still sometimes feel like someone is coming to take it away from me. Because they are. Their name is the bank. But so far I have fended off the bank, and now I’m attached do it. Come and git me, you fucks.
20. The engineering of this album was inspired by a little known record label called Cadet, which was an offshoot of Chess Records. I collect LP’s from Cadet’s catalogue, much of which were engineered by Charles Stepney, who later went on to produce Earth Wind & Fire. The Cadet catalog has a ton of really crunchy drum breaks, but also has a lot of huge guitars engineered in a very psych rock way. By initially sampling from, but then recreating, and listening to those records we arrived at the melding of break beats, analog synths and rock engineering that a lot of this album has.
21. I had the album cover before I had the album, or the title of the album. I came across it randomly one day and knew instantly that it needed to be the cover art. It actually influenced the writing on several songs, including “Run the Machine”, but I also realized I’d already made a couple wolf references on different songs. On Stay Inspired I’d talked about eating with the pack, and the line at the end of “Alright”. The theme sort of suggested itself in that way.
22. Jamila Woods is a spoken word artist from Chicago who I hit up to record the spoken word segment of “Run the Machine”. She’s also got a lot of great work to be found on Youtube. Cheggit.
23. We mic’d and recorded a grand piano for an entire day during the making of this album. That recording is nowhere on the finished product.
24. We used a lot of Moog gear on this album, and were scheduled to record a Moog Sound Lab when the album was done. Unfortunately, Moog seems to have discontinued that series, but we still like em and all. What up Moog.
25. Sage Francis sings back up vocals on “These Rooms” and also appears on the first track “Lazarus”, ever so briefly. He only lets me yell things or do hooks on his records, so I feel like it’s becoming a mutual policy. Just to show there’s no hard feelings though, we’re gonna try and make a whole record together next. I referred to him as “my brother” for years, but recently a fan came forward with some info that ironically may show we are in fact distantly related by blood. Crazy, right? That’s why I saved that fact for last. Props to anyone that read this far down. See you soon!

B.Dolan Hip-Hop Kings

B.Dolan Hip-Hop Kings

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25 Facts About 050 Boyz – 050 Everything

• June 10, 2015 • Comments (0)

050 Boyz - 25 Facts

Here are some exclusive 25 facts about 050 Boyz upcoming album “Everything 050”

1 – During the recording of the album, Newark was on fire. So many senseless murders that shaped our content for awareness and change
2 – We were also filming the movie Black Van. Prince AK is one of the producers of the movie and Sticky Fingers stars in it and was originally going to appear on the track “Concrete Combat”
3 – Treach from Naughty by Nature left the filming of VH-1’s “Couples Therapy” a few times to be part of the project
4 – Tru Trilla’s grandfather passed during the recording process and motivated him even more to deliver pure untainted thoughts for the masses
5 – “Everything 050” is the first New Jersey album to showcase so many local artists who are both up & coming and established
6 – The initial concept of “Everything 050” was to be a mixtape but we developed further so it is of album quality
7 – Although Clinton Place produced all of the album, most of the arrangements and direction was split between Riq da Kid and Tru Trilla
8 – It can be difficult to get three people on the same page, but the result is greater for having three creative minds than just one
9 – The process of creating this album helped us develop a better understanding of what our true sound was as a hip hop group
10 – Our relationship as family was build on a mutual interest in being successful in music, but making this album built stronger personal bonds between us
11 – Tru Trilla was so determined to get the project under way he already had 6 or 7 hooks done before it officially started !
12 – Prince AK was really eager for the album to come out quickly, but you know a fine wine is better in time so we waited a lot longer until we had everything in place the way we wanted
13 – Riq da Kid had to adjust to having a daughter born during the recording process as it totally altered his schedule!
14 – Meanwhile, Tru Trilla’s son won his football championship. He’s one of the nation’s best running backs! Remember the name – Aziz Wilson out of Jersey, unlimited Brick City Lions – he’s on his way to high school in September!!!
15 – Dubb M our engineer was so excited to hear the collaboration between us and Clinton, when he heard the tracks he smiled instantly !!
16 – When we heard it all through we knew we had a classic, and that it was going to highlight the solidarity Jersey has but hadn’t previously been showcased to this level
17 – We decided not to have too many shows during this time, but instead wanted to focus solely on the recording process.
18 – We had a load of tracks recorded, but decided to put the album together as 15 tracks with 5 further bonus tracks that will be available at release
19 – We were also pushing the Zoo Movie and had a couple of meetings with Dame Dash. He told us to won everything. Salute to the warrior, much respect
20 – One of the bonus tracks “Fuck Em Up” was initially meant to be on the album but we were approached about having it used for the MMA / UFC fights. It features SoSoDef artist and Bow Wow’s ghostwriter R.O.C. (Rahman Apollo)
21 – We all had solo material recorded after our first mixtape “050 Dat” which was originally meant to be released before “Everything 050”, but that’s now largely been rescheduled
22 – The single “Pay Them No Mind” was recorded in DoItAll’s studio
23 – Right after recording the album, Tru Trilla’s grandmother passed along with some close friends. When it rains it pours but you gotta keep going, and so this album is in part tribute to them
24 – This thing we call hip hop is a business as well as a culture. We invested our own money with no help from anyone else. But you learn that time and experience is the true value.
25 – Our work in music and films represents we are all family, pushing for one goal to bring Jersey to its rightful place in entertainment

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25 Facts About Lee Scott – Butter Fly

• May 18, 2015 • Comments (1)

Lee Scott - Butter Fly

DOWNLOAD | Butter Fly – Lee Scott


Here are 25 facts about High Focus Records’ Lee Scott – ButterFly album.

1. The first 10 songs on the album were finished early 2014.
2. The last 2 songs were made months later on the same day I made ‘So Cactus So Owl’ which was featured on another album I made called ‘CactusOwlMoonGoat’ produced by Dirty Dike and Molotov.
3. The song ‘Eight O’Clock in The Morning’ is inspired by the short story of the same name written by Ray Nelson,
4. The story was also the inspiration for the movie ‘They Live’ which was the inspiration for my first album ‘Put On The Glasses’.
5. The first 4 bars of ‘Don’t Make Me’ were inspired by a friend of mine from Runcorn.
6. The intro vocals on the intro/title track ‘Butter Fly’ were freestyled on the spot and became the inspiration for the album artwork.
7. The album art was made by Nearski, a very dope English artist based out in Japan.
8. Nearski was also responsible for the artwork to an earlier album I made with Reklews under the Hock Tu Down moniker called ‘Prozium Peddlin’.
9. The name ‘Manatee Rap’ was inspired by the Cartoon Wars episodes of South Park because of the randomness of the lyrics due to me freestyling the track together Tony Broke style.
10. It was also originally one big verse. I cut the South Park quotes up later on so people might possibly get the reference, now you will due to me over explaining everything here killing all mystery.
11. The chorus to ‘Manatee Rap’ was just me trying to freestyle some bars together and messing up. I forgot to cut them out when I sent them through to Dike then he pitched them up and turned it into the hook and structured the song around it.
12. Most of the album was recorded in the Blah Mansion in Blackburn.
13. There are no features on the album because fuck features.
14. ‘Everything is Money’ is not about money, it is inspired by the movie swingers in which ‘money’ is used as slang for cool or whatever ie ‘yo, don’t worry man you’re so money right now’. I am saying money isn’t everything, everything is money!
15. ‘Walking The Walk’ is all about a pair of Ellesse trainers I bought on eBay and me walking round in them. That should be obvious as I say that in the track but a lot of people seem to completely miss it.
16. lee wrote a good 60% of Watch TV years ago during the making of an earlier project of mine called ‘Happy Sellout Sh!t’ but I put it to one side as I never really settled on a beat for it until now.
17. The smooth bbuttery electric guitar on ‘Don’t Tell Me’ was played by Chester P’s DJ, JCA.
18. The entire album was produced in a spare room in a pub with a massive hole in the window and mould growing up the collapsing walls.
19. Dike used An MPC1000, a Korg electribe, a Micro Korg, and a record deck to produce the album.
20. When Dike sent Lee the beat to T.V he told me he imagined this exact beat earlier this afternoon and it was meant to be.
21. JCA smoked massive blunts that Dike cant handle, and drank cans of fizzy shit for the entire recording session of his guitar solo feature on “Don’t tell me”
22. Two videos from the project were entirely filmed in the same house. Both were not planned and just kind of happened as a result if drinking.
23. Dirty Dike’s mpc required 2 separate repair jobs while making the album.
24.Dirty Dike and Lee Scott have since become best friends after working on this record
25. Lee Scott has a cat named Jesus and he would often pet him whilst writing lyric raps for the album.

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25 Facts About Ande Bishop – Ocean$ (Extended Play)

• April 16, 2015 • Comments (32)

Ande Bishop

PREVIOUS | Ande Bishop – MoneyOrFriendz

 PRE-ORDER | Ocean$ – Ande Bishop

Following the news that Ande Bishop will be releasing his forthcoming E.P “Ocean$ – Extended Play” we have an exclusive 25 facts article of Ande Bishop speaking of the project. Please remember to pre-order Ocean$ –  Extended Play from the link listed above.

1. The EP was originally going to be titled “Chess Moves”.
2. The original release date was supposed to be April 28th, but I submitted some unfinished mixes to Seven13 and iTunes by mistake. Which pushed it back 3 weeks… Oops!!
3. I’ll reveal the meaning behind the “OCEAN$” title on my next project, which hopefully comes before the Fall.
4. The project was recorded, mixed and mastered entirely from my personal studio.
5. “HOWITFEELS” is my favorite track on the EP. It is the only track that wasn’t written or pre-thought out. I created on the spot in the middle of the night.
6. I wrote OG Jaylon in 2013, my sister’s unborn son I was talking about is about 10 months old now.
7. I made the two “MoneyorFriendz” tracks while listening to The Game’s “The Documentary”, so I name dropped as many rappers as I could, in homage to Game’s signature style.
8. I deliberately left any tracks produced by myself/American Roulette off of OCEAN$, but my next solo project will be produced in house by me and Londn Blue.
9. I recorded about 30 songs for this EP in 2 weeks, about 12 of them will get released at some point.
10. The album cover was photographed randomly on my homie’s iPhone. It wasn’t staged at all.
11. I recorded all of the vocals for this album within 48 hours, I wanted my voice to sound consistent throughout the EP.
12. I only got like 5 hours of sleep during those 48.
13. The hardest song to record was “LONG WEEK”, I probably recorded it 15 times before I was happy with it.
14. “MoneyorFriendz” and “HOWITFEELS” were the easiest, they got done in 1 take all the way through.
15. None of my family and friends have heard the entire EP. I’m making everybody I know wait until the day it releases.
16. I always figured my first pre-order would come from somebody I knew, but it was a random kid from Rhode Island who DM’d me the morning “MoneyorFriendz” released, so shout out to him!!
17. I recorded this EP knowing I’ll have to perform it over the summer, so I crafted it thinking about how they would go over in front of fans, live. Hoping to tour in Europe by the top of 2016 too.
18. “Supremeizm” was another title I entertained naming it before going with OCEAN$. Might still use it though.
19. I made “ROLLCREDITS” an hour before I had to turn the project in.
20. TP Play and Londn Blue were supposed to be on MoneyorFriendzTwo, but they told me I might as well come out with no features, which I ultimately decided to do.
21. The “OLDJAYZVIDEOS” visual is complete, it’ll drop close to the release date, probably my 2nd favorite song on the EP.
22. I’m quietly hoping Cole, Kendrick or somebody major doesn’t randomly drop an album on the 19th, I’d be sad as shit !!
23. Each song is inspired by a different era or region of rap, but I think it all flows together perfectly.
24. I’m the only vocalist on the album, which is dope to me. The album is completely written and performed by myself. Which is challenging because you have to keep the listener entertained all by yourself.
25. The next release by me won’t be an EP, it’ll be a full body of work, an album.

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25 Facts About Constant Deviants – Avant Garde

• March 31, 2015 • Comments (188)

Constant Deviants

This is an exclusive 25 facts article about Constant Deviants album “Avant Garde”. You won’t find this information anywhere else. Please remember to download Constant Deviant’s album “Avant Garde” on the iTunes from the 12th of May 2015.

1. DJ Cutt likes to be alone when he makes beats
2. M.I. recorded 4 different albums in 2014
3. SIX2SIX was originally just a term M.I. used to describe his grind
4. DJ Cutt does everything on the production side – beats, cuts and mixing for all Constant Deviants projects
5. Avant Garde was originally going to be a double CD with 2 totally different sounds on each one
6. M.I. prefers to write to the actual beat he is recording a track to.
7. For Avant Garde, M.I. recorded his own vocals for the entire album
8. The artwork for the album cover was designed by a friend in Switzerland called Teymor Azzam
9. This album will be followed by a new EP and another album close behind it
10. DJ Cutt and M.I. feel as the years have gone by, experience means each new album gets easier to make great
11. The duo don’t like much outside input on their music during the writing and recording process
12. M.I. hasn’t once had writer’s block since 1996 !
13. Constant Deviants future plans include creating and developing new sounds that reshape hip hop
14. For Avant Garde, DJ Cutt spent a lot of his time sourcing unusual samples to use in the beats
15. Making sure the album was mixed a certain way and had a special and specific sound actually took more time than the creative and recording process
16. Constant Deviants recorded their first demo on a 4 track live with one traxck for vocals and one for cuts. It meant if there was a mistake they had to start all over again.
17. By comparison, their second demo was recorded in a multi million dollar studio where DJ Cutt worked in NYC.
18. Their first record deal was with Vestry Records who were actually also based in the same building where DJ worked.
19. The group have never given up the publishing rights to any of their music
20. In 1996, Constant Deviants’ entourage bumrushed the radio station at Columbia University and attempted to give Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito their demo. They were told to send it in two weeks later, and when they did, a couple of their tracks were played. It felt like the dream had come true and to this day people know the name Constant Deviants because their music was played on this legendary show!
21. Throughout all the years, the duo have rarely had many features on their albums, but prefer to keep it consistent predominantly as a dupo format.
22. Constant Deviants are also part of a larger crew that goes by the name of Global Platoon
23. One Speaker Supreme is an original member of Constant Deviants, and regarded by M.I. as the one who taught him how to Emcee.
24. DJ Cutt still has his original Technique 1200s
25. M.I.C. was M.I.’S original name (Mic’s Illest Controller) shortened to M.I. which became Mr Impossible over the years. He still uses both names

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25 Facts About Onoe Caponoe – Voices From Planet Cattele

• January 8, 2015 • Comments (4)

Onoe Caponoe

PRE-ORDER (iTunes) | Voices from Planet Cattele – Onoe Caponoe

PURCHASE | Onoe Caponoe – Voices From Planet Cattele CD 

EXCLUSIVE VINYL | Onoe Caponoe – Voices From Planet Cattele

PREVIOUS | Onoe Caponoe – Space Bitches (Video)

The latest addition to High Focus Records, Onoe Caponoe, delivers his 25 facts about the upcoming album “Voices From Planet Cattele”. As Hip-Hop Kings previously reported, the whole album has been produced by UK Hip-Hop legend Chemo, and is available to pre-order now (links above). Enjoy!

1.The project was started somewhere in between December 2012 and January 2013.
2. The Lap steel slide guitar used in the track ‘Space Jungles of Cattele’ was previously owned for many years by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd.
3. The voice on the intro of the album is actually DJ BB.
4. The song ‘Disappearing Jakob’ was a curse and week later I was skateboarding down my road, fucked up on a stone or some shit and fell off n smashed my phone.
5. ‘Space Jungles Of Catelle’ was recorded in my bedroom last minute and it juuuussstttt made it onto the project.
6. ‘Space Bitches’ was written in late 2011.
7. I recorded ‘Space Bitches’ to a random song I wrote it to then Chemo constructed his beat to the accapella.
8. Jehst is actually the Lord of darkness and wrote one of the cleverest blasphemic rap verses ever, casually in under 10 minutes then levitated.
9. I drew all the art work for the bloodclart project ya simi.
10. This project is a turning point in my career and while working on it I have also been pushing and maturing my own sound and working on a number of projects and ideas for future releases.
11. I accidentally took loads of acid after a show then spent the next 3 months spazzing out n nearly didn’t finish the project lol.
12. One of my friends, this dude named Mycro was in the studio with a few of us when we are recording the song ‘Goth Bitches’. I askd him to go in the booth and do some shit for the outro of the song. He did it one take and that’s what we used.
13. I had these samples I had cut out of a film and wanted Chemo to put on a beat so we could put it at the beginning of the song ‘Peace to tha Gods’. He made the beat in front of me straight away in somewhere around 5 minutes.
14. We shot the Video for ‘Horse In The Hill (Quadrant)’ somewhere farrrrrrrr in Kent.
15. I didn’t realise there were forests like that in Kent, we were driving through these forests with Classic FM on playing the most amazing random music I had never heard before in this place that looked like fucking Canada it was a trip.

Onoe Caponoe - Voices From Planet Cattele

16. The Video for ‘Horse In The Hill (Quadrant)’ took 3 fullllllllllll days to shoot.
17. Space bitches is actually a continuation of a song i have with Drae Da Skimask called ‘Funky Caterpillar’ on a LP I did in 2012 called ‘Willows Midnight Gallery’.
18. The track called ‘Under The Bridge’ is a true story.
19. I wrote the song ‘Peace To Tha Godz’ cuz I was mad pissed off 1 day about feeling trapped in the city and being surrounded by a lot of stupid mentalities hovering around everywhere.
20. The whole process of the Album was super relaxed and fun as a motherfucker.
21. I defiantly want to work with chemo again on some different crazy shit on a different scale.
22. Goth chicks are hot.
23. Space bitches are not…hahaha nah they are 2.
24. Chemo is a wizard.
25. It was all recorded with good vibes and if u dig it u a cool ass motherfucker, if not beta get to dipping cuz if u don’t trip u aint hip to the game n won’t understand a thang. peeaaaccceeeeeeeeeeee

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25 Facts About Buggs Tha Rocka – Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet

• November 3, 2014 • Comments (2,996)

Buggs Tha Rocka

PREVIOUS | Buggs Tha Rocka – Bad Habits

Here is the brand new HHK exclusive with 25 Facts About Buggs Tha Rocka – Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet. The album will be released on the 10th of December 2014 and the iTunes pre-order link will be available soon.

1. For the “Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet” project I originally did over 40 tracks for it
2. I started the new project after taking a trip to Amsterdam last summer 2013
3. I had to search for Piakahn for a few months to get him to put a verse on “Angel of Death”. Very hard to find the OG !
4. I literally named this project “Scattered Thoughts….” because I had so many different ideas, thoughts and emotions that went into this project
5. The Jake One produced track “Thirsty” was originally a MOOD record that Donte personally gave me for my project after I recorded my verse
6. The artwork on the project has 3 different versions. Whether I ever put them all out is as yet still undetermined.
7. Aida Chakra who is featured on a few records on “Scattered Thoughts….” is a Galaxxy Enterprise member
8. This project was initially gonna be a visual album. No audio, just all visuals made up of video releases
9. I had such a hard time cutting records because of emotional attachment and the long sabbatical from hip hop that I almost put out a double disc mixtape
10. The original title of “Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet” was “Mutant Level II: Rise of the Phoenix”
11. This project had two initial release dates before the official December 10th date
12. The first song recorded for the project was “My$tery” produced by Sal Dali
13. Mac Miller was supposes to be on “Phantom of the Opera ” but we couldn’t make it happen because of my time restrictions to finish the project
14. Talib Kweli was supposes to be on “Religiously ” and “Royalty interlude” but again we couldn’t because of scheduling
15. Donte from MOOD and Mac Miller’s DJ Clockwork were basically the unofficial executive producers for this album
16. In the process of recording songs for the project I linked up with Monopoli Management who helped back and support the project
17. My favorite song of the project would be either “Rapture” or “Against Me”
18. “Until the End” is the first official collaboration between MOOD & me
19. Kanye West’s “Graduation” LP and Talib Kweli x MOOD’s “Doom” LP were big inspirations for this album
20. This is the most comfortable I ever been with a project in full
21. Hi- Tek gave a lot of advice to me which helped shape my project
22. “Electric Eel in a Pool of Catfish” got its title from a quote in a local cafe I go to in Cincinnati called SITWELLS
23. 3 of the tracks were recorded in Amsterdam, the rest at home in Cincinnati where I feel most comfortable song writing
24. In a few records you hear my saying “FREE see Hussell” who is my cousin. He has just recently been released from jail after 2 in a half years in time to witness this project’s release!
25. I plan to set up a tour in Europe as well as the States for this particular project, and feel it will be one of the best new hip hop releases of 2015 even tho it will release a bit before the new year on December 10th

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25 Facts About Chris Webby – Chemically Imbalanced

• October 23, 2014 • Comments (151)

Chris Webby – Chemically Imbalanced

PRE-ORDER | Chemically Imbalanced – Chris Webby

XXL Freshman Chris Webby gives Hip-Hop Kings an exclusive 25 facts about his album “Chemically Imbalanced” which fans from the UK can pre-order from the iTunes link listed above.

-I spent every penny of my recording budget that Eone gave me on creating this project, and then some. I bought no chains, cars, or anything of the sort. We even went over budget a bit to be honest. I truly put my everything into Chemically Imbalanced.. physically, emotionally, and most definitely financially.

-The hook to Let’s Do It Again is an homage to the Jay-Z’s lyrics in “Do It Again.”

-There was originally a bridge after the second verse on the song Set It Off that utilized the melody to the Strafe song with the same title. Unfortunately, due to clearance issues I had to take it out completely. Shout to Michelle Trumpler for singing on that while we were in the studio too tho. Dope engineer, singer, and person in general.

-Me and my in house engineer Juice spent an estimated 35-40 hours working on the 3 interludes on the album. They were like constructing audio movies.. the attention to detail we put in was crazy, but I love how they turned out in the end. Totally worth it.

-My homie Kenny Urban did the beatboxing for all 3 of the interludes in one take each. We may have nudged a couple sections the tiniest bit to keep the tempo 100% perfect, but he didn’t layer any of those crazy sound effects or drum noises. Kid is a beast with the beatbox!

-I had a song called Brim Low on my fourth mix tape back in 2010, which was over the instrumental of the song Blind To You by Collie Buddz. That song was produced by Supa Dups. Then, about 4 years later, I ended up getting in the studio with Supa Dups myself and made a completely new song called Brim Low as a little nod to my past.

-I watched Scott Storch make the beat for the title track, Chemically Imbalanced, when we were together in the studio in Miami. We stayed up working on it until about 11 AM. Probably the coolest studio night I’ve experienced thus far. Scott is insane on the keys, and it was dope as hell watching a genius at work.

-The homie who laid the final mix on all of the tracks is Jeff Edwards, who lives down in ATL. Because we couldn’t be in the same room to go over things, I spent more time on the phone with that dude in the 2-3 months leading up to the release than probably anyone in my life. It was a long, tedious process, but he killed it. That’s the homie for life.

-Day In The Life was originally recorded to a different beat produced by my dude Will Power of SupaHotBeats. When Will sent it back to me after making some changes, it was a totally different song in the best way possible.

-There was an incredible Charlie Chaplin quote at the beginning of the song Stand Up where he spoke about the human races’ lack of compassion to nature and each other, but we had to remove it due to copyright issues.

-My engineer Juice became the character BarsTaLoan, a recurring voice in all three of the interludes, one drunken night in the studio. We were all wasted on cheap wine and he just got in the booth and took on this persona. We laughed all fuckin night. Now we all call him BarsTaLoan too, haha.

-My dad, Dave Webster, played the badass guitar solos in both RAD and Ohh Noo. He also laid some background guitar on the breakdown in Nice 2 Be Back and on the last hook of Stand Up.

-Originally, RyattFienix’s vocals were far more tucked into the audio mix on Day In The Life, but i thought she killed it so I had my engineer bring her voice way more to the forefront in the mix, and gave her the feature credit on the song. She’s the shit, good peoples.

-That’s actually me singing at the end of Brim Low. We were about to wrap the song when my engineer Juice accidentally looped the outro portion of the beat. I was border line blacked out from drinking boxed wine, and I told him to keep it looped while I went into the booth and belted out all those vocals at the end in almost a Janis Joplin-esqe style. I’m definitely going to add that stylistic approach to my music making tool belt going forward.

-I didn’t pay for any features on the album. All of the guest verses all came to be in an organic fashion.

-Grafh was in the studio with me when the song Dopamine was first conceived. I wrote the hook and we laid our verses that night, and then it was months before that song was reproached and sent out to everyone else.

-Jon connor both wrote and recorded his verse to World On Fire when he came through to kick it with me in the studio while he was out east. It took him less than two hours. I can’t remember exactly how long.. that night had to have been about 2 years ago by this point… but it was fast as hell given the complexity of the verse. That man is a beast.

-Sap showed me the beat for So Eazy years ago and said he had sent it to Eminem and was waiting to hear back, but would send it to me if it wasn’t selected. Then he lost the beat, and I pestered him about it for about a year with no luck of him finding it. When he came up to work with me in CT that next year, I told him to reconstruct it right then and there because I had loved the original so much. 48 hours later, So Eazy was more or less done.

-Turnt Up was originally released on 4/20/2013 with a music video me and Dizzy Wright shot in Cali, but was taken down from Youtube due to a sample issue. I liked the song too much to let it slip into obscurity, so I had someone replay the sample and made slight changes to give it the feel of a brand new song.

-It’s hard to say, but I think my favorite song on the project is Stand Up. I feel like it’s important to use the voice I now have to spread awareness and try to make the world a better place in whatever way possible.

-The voice of my manager in the third interlude is actually my manager Dana. The label executive was played by another member of the team, Chris Fury.

-Skrizzly Adams was my main in house engineer until recently when his own solo music career started to take off. He both produced and sang on World On Fire, along with a good handful of my old songs like And The Beat Goes On, Until I Die, and Crashing Down. Great kid, and super talented.

-Opening my email and hearing Tech N9ne’s verse on Ohh Noo for the first time was single handedly one of the coolest moments of my career.

-Me and my homie Lunch Box wrote a few of the hooks featured on the album at Circle House studio in Miami while taking bogie breaks and drinking coffee flavored Monster energy drinks.

-All 3 of the interludes were based on my life. The first couple take place at a house party and on a blunt ride, which were the two most common places for me to break into a freestyle when I was young and on the come-up, many times with my homies beatboxing for me. The final one is in a label office, showing how I learned how to put my years of practice into effect when it really counted. Rapping on the spot and impressing people with freestyles or a hot 16 I had up my sleeve was always my go-to move when I was growing up, and I felt it was important to include that vibe on my debut album.

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25 Facts About Dead Residents – Dead Thy Neighbour

• October 7, 2014 • Comments (75)

Dead Residents - Dead Thy Neighour

DOWNLOAD | Dead Residents – Dead Thy Neighbour

In our popular “25 Facts” series, we have the pleasure of presenting Dead Residents’ “25 Facts About Dead Thy Neighbour” which is the latest project from the duo. Dead Residents (Junior Disprol and Chud Jackson) give us 25 facts about their Dead Thy Neighbour project (see below) which you won’t find anywhere else. Also please support by downloading the album from the links listed above.

1). Junior Disprol’s 7” ‘Fight Club’ and the Fleapit track ‘Mangle to This’ both make reference to ‘Dead Residents’ in the lyrics.
2). Dead Residents was originally Junior Disprol and Mr Matrix. They formed in Bristol in the late 90’s. One track was demo’d ‘Hollow earth Theory’.
3). The second incarnation of Dead Residents was a collection of Bristol freestyle cypher tape sessions Disprol was part of in 2000 -01.
4). Junior Disprol and Chud Jackson were originally in a crew called C75 that they formed together while at school.
5). Dead Thy Neighbour features Fab5Freddy, Donald Sinden, Smiley Culture, Arfon Haines Davies, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Prime Rhyme Masters, Frisky Dingo, and the ‘T’ Scheme Rockers.
6). Dead Residents once had a track greenlit for an Irvine Welsh production which eventually got shelved (the film that is, the track is called *‘Erasertooth’). *Bonus track on their Triple Crown LP download available on their Band Camp page)
7). Track 12 on Dead Thy Neighbour was made on an organ liberated from a local school by Retch of The Bukyak Brothers.
8). Rubbish Song was originally titled ‘Portrait of an Artist through the Contents of His Bin’.
9). Kaleidoscope is based on a true story.
10). Dead Residents are banned from airplay in North and South Korea.
11). Jun Dis and Chud have a big following in Japan as ‘Vanilli Gorilli’ (‘Dead Residents’ in Japanese), having been headline support for a K7 and Bel, Biv, Devoe reunion tour across Japan in 2005.
12). Dead Thy Neighbour should’ve been out ages ago.
13). Dead Thy Neighbour is a useful tool for establishing a series of boundaries between yourself and your neighbours.
14). ‘DTN’ was overseen by Professor X.
15). One of the tracks that didn’t make the final cut of ‘DTN’ was called ‘Fuck Orrf’ which was a track about ‘charity muggers’.
16). Dead Residents isn’t a cult, it’s a registered organisation and it resents the accusation.
17). Dead Thy Neighbour is the perfect accompaniment to a soft candlelit dinner for you and a hostage.
18). Dead Thy Neighbour has got much flava.
19). Dead Residents slept on the floor of a strange room in an odd building after a gig in Hamburg a few years ago. The next day they discovered it was a friend of the promoters’ nans’ room at the residential building she lived (she wasn’t there at the time btw). Hence why they were asked beforehand if they could be quiet overnight…
20). If you don’t like Dead Thy Neighbour you got the vapours.
21). Junior Disprol did music for a Sega Saturn game once.
22). Dead Residents are concerned collectively that they may end up referring to themselves as the Dead Residents in the third person after completing these questions.
23). While typing this up I was watching a Kate Bush documentary on BBC 4.
24). Acid 2, a cracked and corrupted version of Cool Edit Pro, tape decks, a Stylophone, plug ins, various toy keyboards, a stolen organ, coconuts, empty beer bottle, zip scratch and a stranglers thumb were all incorporated into the recording of Dead Thy Neighbour.
25). Dead Residents are currently working on a Junior Disprol solo LP.

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WWE 2k15 – Career and Story Mode Revealed

• August 4, 2014 • Comments (0)

WWE 2K15

In an exclusive feature with IGN, we’ve been given some information regarding the new WWE 2K15 game. There’s the inevitable 30 Years of Wrestlemania campaign mode which is a very introspective story than recent editions. 2K haven’t announced which rivalries will be featured but we’re sure to see appearances from the likes of The Undertaker, Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels, The Rock and many more. MyCareer will give fans the ability to have your own character go through various historical events which will emulate the NBA 2K14 career mode. Look out for plenty of more updates from WWE 2K15 in the very near future.

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