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Gatecrasherz Announce Upcoming Album Uninvited

• March 20, 2017


UK Hip-Hop collective Gatecrasherz have announced their upcoming album “Uninvited”, which will be available to download in Spring 2017.

Gatecrasherz¬†(made up by Downstroke, Gee Bag, Oliver Sudden, Jack Diggs and Big Toast) are set to make a big impact with Uninvited. Without a confirmed release date so far, we’ve been told Spring 2017 is when fans can expect ¬†the album to become available. There will of course be plenty of promotional material released beforehand, which we will be happy to share on Hip-Hop Kings.¬†Inspiration for Uninvited is quite simple. The lads have decided to force their way into the forefront of music scene, despite not receiving commercial support to date. They are set to make quite an impact and we are looking forward to watching it. We will be posting the official artwork and tracklisting when it arrives.



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