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HHKMovies | Amateur Hour – Standards of Living

• December 26, 2013 • Comments (0)


by David Bosworth @boz_worth

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Welcome back film fans to our 1st HHKMovies Amateur Hour Review.

The entire idea behind this title of reviews is to give light to some awesome amateur film makers. To take a look at what they can create on little or no budget. We’ll look at Kickstarter backed films. Short films. Feature films. Every genre.

To kick off Amateur Hour on Boxing Day 2013, we thought we’d review something more sinister, so, make way for the very 1st feature film shot completely on the iPad2!

Presented by
Ocular Migraine

Peter Sayer is an awful stand up comedian who desperately wants to be funny. One night, after Peter bombs on stage, a mysterious man named Mr. Randall offers him a unique opportunity. Mr. Randall reveals that he has the power to make things disappear, and when he makes them reappear they are “improved.” A bent nail becomes straight, a tarnished coin becomes polished, and an empty saltshaker comes back full of salt. But Mr. Randall wants to make a human disappear…to find out where these objects go, and why they come back improved. Peter volunteers to “disappear” with the hope that he will come back funnier…but the bizarre truth about Mr. Randall’s powers is no laughing matter.

Having watched very few homemade or amateur movies(not any that can be reviewed here anyway) it was awesome to see the quality with which this feature length film was shot and made. Scott Yarborough who plays Peter, our down on his luck terrible comic, does so with complete conviction. The rest of the cast fill roles exceedingly well also, with mention going to Bill Ferris portraying the enigmatic Mr Randall. I actually never got bored during this entire film which was quite a feat, as I recently couldn’t get through 30 minutes of Cloud Atlas!

Genre wise I was never too sure where this movie slotted in, and to be honest, I’m still not sure. After speaking directly to Writer and Director Aaron Mento he told me theat the film just became what people ended up seeing- a mashup of dark comedy and horror.

 Here are some stills from the film-


This was truly one of the weirder films I’ve watched and I champion this fact because it has come from the mind of an amateur writer. It kept me engaged until the climactic ending which I almost hurled my lunch over……seriously!


4 out of 5

Special mention given to Aaron Mento in his patience whilst we started Amateur Hour. He never hounded us and was helpful beyond means in chatting about his project.

Now you can give us your verdict. Watch the full movie below and let us know your views in the Comments section. You can tweet us @HHKMag with #HHKMovies and Like our Facebook Page-

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Cool and Dre Link With GrooveMaker Application [News]

• June 3, 2010 • Comments (0)

Miami Based duo Marcello “Cool” Valenzano and Andre “Dre” Lyon also known as Cool and Dre have secured a deal with IK Multimedia Group for the GrooveMaker Application, the revolutionary iPhone/iPod/iTouch/iPad application that creates non-stop, electronic, dance and Hip-Hop tracks in real time. Cool and Dre have supplied exclusive drum riffs and sounds for the application, that users can freely explore to create their own sounds. The application will allow users to make loops, and eventually create a full track through their iPod/iTouch/iPad. You can view and purchase the application through the groovemaker website – www.groovemaker.com.

Cool and Dre

Cool and Dre

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