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Sir Tomz – Lockdown The Mixtape [Free Download]

• May 12, 2011 • Comments (6)

Sir Tomz - Lockdown The Mixtape

Sir Tomz - Lockdown The Mixtape

Download Link – http://bit.ly/l3tHlD

Here is the second free download for fans today, and this time in the form of artist/producer/engineer “Sir Tomz” with his new offering “Lockdown the Mixtape”. Sir Tomz is arguably more known for his work with Big Dada for the “Permanament” with Gama, and the Big Dada compilation “Extra Yard” as a producer as well. This time Sir Tomz has worked with the upcoming artists in Birmingham including Nih’illi, Cyrus, Blackitude and Juice Aleem. You can view the artwork and download link for Sir Tomz – Lockdown the Mixtape above.

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