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Kid Vishis – Talk Behind My Back

• June 5, 2014 • Comments (0)

Kid Vishis - Talk Behind My Back

EXCLUSIVE | 25 Facts About Kid Vishis – Timing Is Everything

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Following the recent 25 Facts About Kid Vishis – Timing is Everything article we posted, this is the brand new concept video for the single “Talk Behind My Back”. As Hip-Hop Kings fans are aware, Kid Vishis will be releasing his upcoming album “Timing is Everything” on July 22nd 2014, and Talk Behind My Back is the third leak from the album, following Look at all My Shit and Heaven (links posted above). You can watch the concept video for Kid Vishis – Talk Behind My Back on the YouTube player below.


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25 Facts About Kid Vishis – Timing is Everything

• May 30, 2014 • Comments (0)

Kid Vishis Timing is Everything

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Following the success of our “25 Facts” series, we’re delighted to share our second in the series from an American artist, this time from Kid Vishis for his upcoming album “Timing is Everything”. Kid Vishis gives fans 25 facts about the album (kind of) which fans won’t find out about in interviews or online. You can check the previous 25 facts articles on the links above, and look out for plenty of more promotion from Kid Vishis as we lead up to the release of Timing is Everything, which will be available to download from the 22nd July through Seven 13 Entertainment.

1. This album is the beginning of many to come *hint hint* Another album this year
2. Kid Vishis is a big boxing and MMA fan
3. This album is the start of my momentum and the growth of Kid Vishis as a Mc
4. Kid Vishis writes All of Royces lyrics lol!
5. The artwork for T.I.E was done by a genius named Bambo Slice
6. My favorite producer in the rap game gave me two beats for this project (Mr Porter)
7. Chase Moore did like half the album because he is a machine and kept sending heat so I kept killin em
8. I don’t have a best friend, I only hang with my brothers. Mad associates tho lol.
9. The character “Billy Hoyle” from the movie “White Men Cant Jump” is really Toy B from Seven13 Music
10. My brother Royce da 5’9″ is my only feature for the album
11. I think Monster energy should sponsor me
12. My favorite rappers to spar with besides my brother is Horseshoe Gang
13. Nick Zervos from Toronto sent over a few beats but I never got past the first and my intro was born
14. The producer Nemisis is not a person, he is a machine that is programmed to make beats
15. Jon Jones is my favorite MMA fighter and Floyd Mayweather is my favorite boxer even tho Tony B hates on him
16. The only other vocal besides Royce on my album is my wife Lulu Dahl doing background vocals
17. I was liquor free the whole album, I only drank Monster energy drink
18. I thought I would make it to the NBA before I ever picked up a pen
19. I believe Tony B is the young Albert Einstein of our generation
20. I will not be dropping a mixtape, I will be droppin a mix-album, all originals
21. I went to the studio with my brother about two months ago, I saw Eminem and he shook my hand and I have not been able to stop writing since. Smh. I think the big homey gave me power
22. Message to the Mcs ” All you sons of bitches is sons of Vishis”
23. I was and still am to this day addicted to the carrot cake from the restaurant J Alexander
24. If you press play on the first track of my album, you wont skip a track unless youre a chump that is..
25. Without the producers on this album, Royce and Tony B, oh yeah and Eminem’s handshake lol, my powers might not have been heightened to the levels that they are today

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Kid Vishis – Look at all my Shit

• December 10, 2013 • Comments (1)

Kid Vishis

DOWNLOAD | Kid Vishis – Look at all my Shit

PREVIOUS | Kid Vishis – Heaven

Following the news that Kid Vishis will be releasing his debut album in March 2014, I have the second leak from the album titled “Look at all my Shit”. We’ve previously heard Heaven, which was received with praise from fans and critiques. However, Look at all my Shit reaches new heights and is possibly my personal favourite track from Kid Vishis. Producer credits go to Hippie Sabotage and Chase Moore, and other producers on the album include Freddie Foxxx and Mr Porter. You can buy Kid Vishis – Look at all my Shit from the link listed above. However, you can listen to Kid Vishis – Look at all my Shit on the audio player below.

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Kid Vishis – Heaven

• November 20, 2013 • Comments (1)

Kid Vishis - Heaven

DOWNLOAD | Kid Vishis – Heaven

PREVIOUS | Kid Vishis – Young Cyrus

Detroit-based Kid Vishis releases the first single “Heaven” from his debut album which will be released in March 2014 via Seven 13 Music. Kid Vishis is the younger brother of Slaughterhouse member Royce Da 5’9. However, has been supported over the years in his own right as an artist by HHKMag. Kid Vishis has toured America, Canada and Europe with D12 and Slaughterhouse and opened for the likes of Slum Village, Rakim, Ghostface, Talib Kweli and Slick Rick. Fans will be delighted to hear that a UK and European tour is looking likely to support the album for 2014. You can download Kid Vishis – Heaven on the link listed above. However, you can also listen to Kid Vishis – Heaven on the soundcloud player below.

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Kid Vishis – Young Cyrus [Music]

• January 29, 2012 • Comments (0)

Kid Vishis

Kid Vishis

Download Link | http://hulkshare.com/7fdoki18nm9c

I have  a brand new leaked track from Detroit rapper Kid Vishis titled “Young Cyrus”. Kid Vishis has worked with producer Nemisis on the record, who posted the track on his official twitter page in the early hours (GMT) of this morning. Kid Vishis announced the track would be featured on his upcoming mixtape (#SickEm) and Kid Vishis will also be releasing a major single in March. Please browse the Hip-Hop Kings archives to view plenty of Kid Vishis music, however you can listen to the new Kid Vishis – Young Cyrus (prod Nemisis) track on the download link above.

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