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Lazy Habits The Atrocity Exhibition – 25 Facts

• May 19, 2016
Lazy Habits The Atrocity Exhibition - 25 Factsq

Lazy Habits The Atrocity Exhibition – 25 Facts

In our very popular 25 facts series, we speak to Lazy Habits regarding their upcoming album “The Atrocity Exhibition”. Lazy Habits The Atrocity Exhibition will be available on the 27th May 2016 to fans.

1 From inception to completion the album took 2 years.

2 Whilst mixing the album our studio mates were The Cure, who were production rehearsing for a live tour at the time.

3 We may have used some of Royal Bloods equipment in the mixing process.

4 The track-listing for the album has changed a couple of times since the recording process, with one track coming off the original list and two being added.

5 It’s the first time we have ever worked with an outside producer/beatmaker, we co-produced three tracks with Benny Aves.

6 It’s the first time we have ever had guest rappers on an album, with Dizraeli and the returning Skin Horse among the guests on the new album.

7 The album was recorded at three studios in London including a purpose built studio at the Hub where some of us live, this set up was used to record vocals for most of the album, to create a space that was less sterile than a normal recording studio can be at times.

8 We mixed the album at Brighton Electric, where I lived on and off for the six months it took to finish it.

9 Before starting the recording process we road tested a whole bunch of material at some festivals over the summer, under different titles and sometimes only playing small section of these songs was a great way for us to see how the new material worked next the older stuff and also to see what reactions we would get for those songs amongst crowds that were not totally made up of people that had come to watch our show.

Lazy Habits The Atrocity Exhibition - 25 Facts

Lazy Habits The Atrocity Exhibition – 25 Facts

10 Between recording the two albums I started a side project alongside Josh Whitehouse of ‘More Like Trees’ and ‘Fjokra’, called ‘High Cross Society’. In the process of writing and recording with this project I felt I learnt a lot that I took back with me to record “The Atrocity Exhibition” working with Fjokra on most of the pre-production demos and getting both him and Josh to guest on the album both in name and also in other small ways to add to the soundscape of the whole project.

11 We shot the video to The Breach before the track was mixed and mastered, it had a guide vocal on it too but still had the dramatic feel which lead to the overall impact and theme of the video.

12 At one point we almost had Taron Egerton come and do some backing vocals on it, he was around a lot when it was getting made and he does have one hell of a voice.

13 We originally thought the album was going to come out in October last year but it took a little longer to get everything in place before we were given our actual release date, that’s one of the reasons we decided to work a little more on it and add a couple of extra tracks.

14 It started as project of releasing weekly music starting in 2016 with Benny Aves producing, this stopped pretty soon when we realised these tracks were still 100% relevant to theme of the album.

15 We almost had to clear our first ever sample for a recording.. We ended up deciding against it.. The track is called “How it Used to Be” it’s up on our soundcloud and a part of the current live set.

Lazy Habits 25 Facts

Lazy Habits 25 Facts

16 There are a lot more strings on this album, on the first one I think it was 4.. this one is 8 I think, two different composers too.. John Pickup worked with us on the first album and we had him back again but also used award winning composer Simon Dobson who was also on board for trumpet duties on some of the tracks.

17 We used a harp for the first time ever. The amazing talented Bethan Griffiths plays on the opening and closing of the album.

18 In a weird kind of reverse sample type thing we wrote a small section of music with the High Cross Society to infuse into one of the songs on the album, it sounds like its sampled from a song but we only wrote 8 bars of a loop, to give that impression… That loop is now going to be a part of a song by HCS.

19 I wrote Babysol’s hook on this album, but then I ended up using one she had written for another one of the songs.

20 The title of the album is taken from a collection of short stories by JG Ballard, a British writer born in Shanghai, China. A lot of the album’s themes were also explored whilst staying in Taiwan and Hong Kong after touring.

21 The artwork for the album was created by Cranio from Spain. He designed the initial artwork for the album front cover.

22 We decided to get artwork for each of the tracks from the album but using the original artwork as a stating point. Each artist was send a vector of the front cover and the song they would be working to.

23 Artists on the album include Ed Hicks, John Chan, director Lee Lennox, long term collaborator Josh Whitehouse and Harry Yeff (aka Reeps One).

24 Reeps One is also on the album too, as part of the High Cross Scoiety loop. This album really was a family thing so there were a lot of the family around when it was being recorded so some of them are on there somewhere.

25 We have already already started working on the next album.

You can also watch Lazy Habits “Answers with Questions” on the YouTube player below.

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Lazy Habits Annouce New Lazy Habits Remix Album

• January 10, 2014 • Comments (1)

Lazy Habits Remix Album

EXCLUSIVE | Lazy Habits Interview with HHKMag

DOWNLOAD | Lazy Habits – Bulletin

Fans of HHKMag will already be very aware of Lazy Habits, and the Hip-Hop band have announced today they will be releasing a remix of the self-titled debut album “Lazy Habits”. The first leak from the album was posted earlier this month titled “Ashes (The Disablists Remix), and the rest of the Lazy Habits Remix album features the likes of Benji Boko and The Correspondents. Towards the end of 2012 HHKMag spoke exclusively with Lazy Habits after the release of their E.P Bulletin which you can watch on the link listed above. Here is the tracklisting and uou can listen to Lazy Habits – Ashes (The Disablists Remix) on the YouTube player below.


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Lazy Habits Interview with Hip-Hop Kings

• November 23, 2012 • Comments (0)
Lazy Habits Interview with Hip-Hop Kings

Lazy Habits Interview with Hip-Hop Kings


After releasing their latest E.P “Bulletin”, eight-piece Hip-Hop band Lazy Habits film an exclusive interview with Hip-Hop Kings. The London based collective speak about the E.P and how they overcome creative differences when recording in the studio, and promoting their projects to the public. Lazy Habits were also booked to perform with Doom, and explain what it was like sharing the stage with him, and their involvement with other artists and bands within the U.K Hip-Hop scene. Make sure you subscribe to the Hip-Hop Kings Youtube Channel for more high quality content, or subscribe to the mailing list to get the new Hip-Hop Kings exclusives first. You can watch the Lazy Habits interview with Hip-Hop Kings on the youtube player below.

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Lazy Habits – Bulletin

• November 9, 2012 • Comments (1)
Lazy Habits

Lazy Habits


Making their debut on Hip-Hop Kings are 8-piece Hip-Hop collective Lazy Habits with the new video for their single “Bulletin”. The London-based group have announced the lead single will be featured on their forthcoming self titled album “Lazy Habits” which will be available to fans on 26th November 2012. Lazy Habits are currently touring the U.K, and tickets are available at all of the below listed shows for fans wanting to see Lazy Habits live. The album can be pre-ordered using the link listed above, and the full U.K tour dates are also listed below. You can watch Lazy Habits – Bulletin on the youtube player below.

11th Nov — The Hi-Fi, Leeds.
17th Nov — Epic, Norwich.
23rd Nov — The Blind Tiger, Brighton.
24th Nov — Bloomsbury Bowling, London.
1st Dec — The Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes.
8th Dec — Band On The Wall Manchester.

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