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GZA Announces New Album Before The Release Of “Liquid Swords 2” [News]

• January 27, 2011 • Comments (2)

Wu-Tang’s GZA has announced that he is back in the studio working on a new album with both an audio and visual element. The rapper also went on to state that this album will be released before “Liquid Swords 2”.

GZA has not released the name of the new album as of yet, but this will be hos sixth full length album. On Twitter GZA stated that the new album would have a visual and audio element and be “in a league of its own”.

“Ready to get into the lab to record this next album. 8:56 PM Jan 22nd via EchofonGZA”

Back in April, 2010 GZA announced that he would release a sequel to his critically acclaimed album, “Liquid Swords”. Initially he set a rough release for the fall of 2010 with producution from Wu-Tang Clan member RZA. However GZA also stated this via his Twitter page.

“This project will have a visual and audio element. In a league of it’s own. Taking it up a notch before we get Liquid Swords 2 in motion. 9:02 PM Jan 22nd via EchofonGZA”

“NOT Liquid Swords 2. Not yet.9:25 PM Jan 22nd via Echofon via EchofonGZA”

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