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Jamo Gang ft Mean Joe Scheme – Straight No Chase

• May 3, 2017
Jamo Gang - Straight No Chase ft Mean Joe Scheme

Jamo Gang – Straight No Chase ft Mean Joe Scheme

Following the formation of the new super group Jamo Gang, we have a new single featuring Mean Joe Scheme titled Straight No Chase.

Hip-Hop Kings may feel that Straight No Chase feels a little familiar. You would be correct. We posted a live version of the single which Jamo Gang performed in April (last month) during the live show at The Mockingbird. As explained previously, El Gant owns the club, which made the perfect venue for Jamo Gang to make their debut. Mean Joe Scheme (who’s signed to J57’s “Five Seven Music” features on this version, which will also be part of the debut Jamo Gang LP to be released later this year.

We’re excited to hear more about the debut Jamo Gang album and will share the news as soon as we receive it. In the meantime, please feel free to search for Jamo Gang in the Hip-Hop Kings archive to see what we’ve already posted. Straight No Chase is just a taster (pun intended) of what to expect from the trio in the forthcoming weeks and months. You can listen to Jamo Gang ft Mean Joe Scheme – Straight No Chase on the soundcloud player below.

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25 Facts About Mean Joe Scheme – You Gotta Watch

• December 13, 2015
Mean Joe Scheme - You Gotta Watch

Mean Joe Scheme – You Gotta Watch

25 Facts About Mean Joe Scheme – You Gotta Watch

DOWNLOAD | Mean Joe Scheme – You Gotta Watch

Here are the excellent 25 facts from Mean Joe Scheme on his upcoming album “You Gotta Watch”. Please support by downloading using the link above ¬†when the album becomes available on the 15th of December.

1. The title “You Gotta Watch” comes from key advice from my father. Pretty much all of his tutelage is marred with the belief that you must be aware of your surroundings at all times. “You gotta watch, papi..” and such.

2. The film “Paid in Full” is a big inspiration throughout the entire project, none more obvious than the single “51020”. Rico (played impeccably by Cam’ron) has a line in the first scene of the movie during a Chinese food dinner that can be heard at the end of the song. If you listen to the project closely, you’ll hear some of the movie’s dialogue¬†sprinkled in the lyrics.

3. “Champagne” was originally entitled “Intentions” after a conversation I was having with a woman I was (am still sort of?) casually dating the day of the session. Most of the song was a freestyle. Optik’s suggested that I go in the booth and feel it out. So somewhere in the stems is a long gibberish track of gold that only we will hear.

4. Noah Dreiblatt’s (alto saxophone, “Champagne” and “Oddysey”) coming into the fold as told by Optik’s (Producer of the majority of the album whose credits include Jon Connor, Blitz The Ambassador, and Talib Kweli among others): “We performed at Freddy Nyce’s (Head A&R for Tommy Boy Ent.) show in Brooklyn and he was playing sax for his band King Holiday that was added to the bill last minute. After their set, Noah wandered into our dungeon-esk green room. We had a good conversation that lead to an invite to the lab to record some stuff for my album, then, your album.”

5. “G-Dep” is named G-Dep because of the adlibs. I am a huge fan of “Child of the Ghetto” and just kept saying the hey hey hey’s every time I would hear the beat. It was only right I represent. Hold your head, Dep.

6. The album was recorded entirely at Optik’s home studio in Brooklyn. Fact: He fed me dinner after basically every session. The man can cook

7. “Big Pistols” was recorded last of all the songs. In fact, it was always going to be blended in to “Gun to the Door”. Mike Two (fellow fiveseven music artist and GENIUS) heard it late in the process and suggested trap style drums be added for a different feel. He can be heard on the end of the song saying his signature adlib “WHIP WHIP!”.

8. As told by J57 (Executive producer, producer of “G-Dep”, and Big Homie)

I couldn’t be any prouder. This kid is one of the most humble, hard working and talented people I’ve ever met. I remember I didn’t know he rapped when he came to a Brown Bag AllStars show years ago at Littlefield in Brooklyn, then fast forward a few years and he’s on stage rocking my birthday show at Littlefield and the sold out crowd went crazy for him. I still have him saved in my phone as Chuck. The roots are deep in our friendship. I believe in him. You’re going to love him, trust me. They’re ALL going to love him.

Fact: I remember hanging out at Optiks’ spot when Mean Joe Scheme and I came up with the game plan for him to make a bunch of singles for us to leak / create an internet buzz from, back in May 2015. As the summer went on, I noticed that Mean Joe was creating some real cohesive and epic sounding stuff with Optik’s — by late July, told me it was going to be an EP and that I had beats on it as well, etc. I told him I didn’t want to hear it until it was finished, because I want to hear it how everyone else will hear it — completely unbiased, so we can get the best product out there as possible. A few months later he and Optik’s decided to make it a full length LP, in which they did an incredible job doing! This will be the first release on my Five Seven Music imprint followed by my solo LP called “I’m the J57” as well as Mike Two’s album “Thoughts of a Beautiful Dream” and Katiah’s mixtape titled “The MixKatape” — all due out in early 2016 on Five Seven Music.

Mean Joe Scheme - You Gotta Watch

Mean Joe Scheme – You Gotta Watch

9. “By My Lonely” almost didn’t make the album. After recording the first verse I was really not pleased with the sound of the song. I was in the middle of telling Optik’s to scrap it during a playback and I think he accidentally muted what was a major component of the original beat. All that was left was the smacking drums and the guitar sounds played by Brett Cimbalik (co-producer and very tall human). It became very sinister, very fast. Exactly what the album needed.

10. Mike Two named “Champagne” champagne.

11. The chorus for “Realize” was inspired by the way Andre 3000 said “ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT” on “Gasoline Dreams” off of Stankonia. Also, My cousin was in the studio for this session and we were making fun of the saying “Real eyes, Realize, real eyes”. It kind of just clicked off from there.

12. The mighty PitchBlak Brass Band blessed the album kind of by accident. The band leader (and very talented artist in her own right) Tubafresh was called in to hear the album early so we could go over ideas for a show we would do later on in the fall. She asked if we wanted to her to bring her tuba. Op was like, “Hm. Oddysey?”. After the session, she plugged Optik’s with the other band members and boom. Space.

13. Noam the Drummer (very skilled DJ, producer, and dear friend) played the notes for “It Was Written” live while Optik’s laid the drums. Essentially the whole beat was made live.

14. “Gun to the Door”, in my opinion, is the real beginning to the album even though it’s track two. The first track kind of serves as a dream sequence that I’m telling a friend and what I’m saying at the top of “Gun” is kind of the end an anecdote.

15. Which leads me to say that “Big Pistols” is sort of a statement that I am a fan of and can easily make the non-traditional Hip-Hop music of today.

16. The “51020” video was shot in SoHo in one day because we’re live like that.

Mean Joe Scheme - 51020 Video

Mean Joe Scheme – 51020 Video

17. “You Gotta Watch” (the song) was produced by IMAKEMADBEATS who is in a production team named A Gang Called Dumb alongside Optik’s, and Seandammit.

18. Jemyle Jones directed and edited the “51020” video.

19. “Everybody/Nobody” is a commentary on how people project their feelings about themselves on to Hip-Hop artists and just life in general. The last verse is me taking responsibility for doing that to myself, as evidenced by the slight change in the chorus at the end of the song.

20. J57‘s verse on “51020” is all fact. Thus, Five Seven Music.

21. Koncept heard the unfinished “By My Lonely” for approximately 30 seconds and loved it.

22. Optik’s didn’t think I’d really like the beat for “Champagne”. He kept calling it some “teenage love passing me by sh**”.

23. I wanted Optik’s son, Gio, to sing on “It’s Mine, Ok.” and he sternly refused. The post-script to this is now it’s his favourite song of mine and he’s been singing it a lot recently. He’s the harshest music critic I know. This is big for me.

24. “Everybody/Nobody” was originally titled “Je Suis”, French for “I Am”.

25. I know “Oddysey” is spelled incorrectly. But that’s how Optik’s spelled it and that’s how it shall be written in stone.

You can also watch the brand new video from Mean Joe Scheme – 51020 on the YouTube player below.

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