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B.Dolan Announces World Tour and New Album Info

• July 7, 2015 • Comments (0)


DOWNLOAD | Kill the Wolf – B. Dolan

Underground Hip-Hop artist B.Dolan has announced a string of live tour dates (ranging from the US, UK and Europe) and news about the highly anticipated album “Kill The Wolf”. B.Dolan will be touring from the 11th of July (starting with dates in America), through to the UK in September, and visiting various major cities in Europe in October. Kill The Wolf will be B.Dolan’s third official studio album when released on the 10th of July 2015 via Scroobius Pip’s “Speech Development” label. You can view the official B.Dolan world tour poster below, and also pre-order B.Dolan – Kill The Wolf from the iTunes link above.

B.Dolan - Kill the Wolf

B.Dolan – Kill the Wolf

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Sage Francis Announces New Album Copper Gone

• April 28, 2014 • Comments (1)

Sage Francis – Copper Gone

Following a brief break from music, Sage Francis returns with news of his upcoming album “Copper Gone” which will be available later this year. Furthermore, Sage Francis has ended his relationship with Epitaph Records and will be putting Copper Gone out on Scroobius Pip’s imprint “Speech Development”. Guest producers on Copper Gone include Sage Francis affiliates Buck 65, Alias, Cecil Otter and Reanimator among others. Look out for plenty of promotional material pre-Copper Gone release, and you can view the official artwork and track listingfor Sage Francis – Copper Gone here.

1 – PRESSURE COOKER (music by Cecil Otter.)
2 – GRACE (music by ALXNDRBRWN)
3 – ID THIEVES (music by James Hancock & Poindexter)
4 – CHEAT CODE (music by Reanimator)
5 – DEAD MAN’S FLOAT (music by Cecil Otter)
6 – OVER UNDER (music by Le Parasite)
7 – MAKE EM PURR (music by Buck 65)
8 – VONNEGUT BUSY (music by Prolyphic)
9 – THANK YOU (music by Anders Parker)
10 – THE SET UP (music by Alias.)
11 – THE PLACE SHE FEARED MOST (music by Reanimator)
12 – ONCE UPON A BLUE MOON (music by Dub Sonata)
13 – SAY UNCLE (music by John Ash)
14 – MAINT REQD (music by Kurtis SP)

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