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S Kalibre – R.I.P

• November 15, 2012 • Comments (0)
S Kalibre

S Kalibre


This is the brand new video from U.K Hip-Hop MC S Kalibre for his single “R.I.P”. S Kalibre has teamed up with SlapUpMill who produced the single, which is not featured on the latest E.P “Smoke Screen” which was recently released as a “name your own price” project where fans can donate as much as they’d like, or opt to get the E.P for free. Smoke Screen features four new tracks, which includes a collaboration with Frisko Dan. Please feel free to browse the Hip-Hop Kings archives for previous S Kalibre material including tracks with Genesis Elijah, Nate, Logic and many others, however you can watch the brand new S Kalibre – R.I.P video on the youtube player below.

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