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Gipsy.Cz – Represent (Video)

• August 26, 2009 • Comments (1)


Here’s a sample of European Hip-Hop music at it’s best. We’ve previously covered Gipsy.Cz and we’re proud to showcase their newest video “Represent”.

The group have accomplished huge feats in their homeland. They plan to break into the UK Hip-Hop / U.S music market in the next few years. You can watch the Gipsy. Cz – Represent video on the YouTube player below.

2017 UPDATE – We’ve now posted the official YouTube player below.

Gipsy.Cz went on to release a lot of new music, including the very popular “Jednou”. They went on to perform throughout Europe and were highly rated by MTV. They played at Glastonbury 2007 festival. A huge achievement was representing their country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow, Russia.

Watch Gipsy. Cz – Represent on the YouTube player below.


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Method Man and Redman Perform Blackout 2 Live (Video)

• August 22, 2009 • Comments (2)
Method Man and Redman - Blackout 2

Method Man and Redman – Blackout 2

Following the release of their highly anticipated “Blackout 2” album, Method Man and Redman were performing the single “City Lights” in San Francisco to a packed-out crowd. You can watch Method Man and Redman perform Blackout 2 live.

Blackout 2 has reportedly sold over 65,000 units since it’s released, and finds Meth and Red reunite following successful releases such as Blackout, and How High. You can watch Method Man and Redman live on the player below.

2017 UPDATE – It’s no surprise that Method Man and Redman are now regarded as Hip-Hop legends. The pair have continued to star in movies (How High) and various other group and solo albums. As Hip-Hop Kings favourites, we’re yet to meet Method Man and Redman but we’re working on it!

When we posted the original video back in 2009, Blackout 2 had been released. As we initially reported it had sold over 65000 records. According to Wikipedia, it had sold over 175,000 copies by September 2010. Since the video is no longer available, we’ve shared a 2012 live performance. Method Man and Redman are live in Paris performing in front of a very receptive crowd. We have posted the times of each live song below.

0:00 Intro
1:09 Big Dogs
2:23 4, 3, 2, 1
4:36 Diggy Doc
5:34 Time 4 Sum Aksion
7:30 M.E.T.H.O.D Man
10:15 Blow Your Mind
11:35 Tonight´s Da Night
13:18 Ice Cream -Instrumental
15:10 All I Need
16:45 Love At First Sight
17:45 Pick It Up
19:20 I´LL Be Dat
22:40 Grid Iron Rap
23:38 Bring The Pain
25:15 Smoke Intermission
28:08 Run 4 Cover
29:35 Do You Really (Thang Thang)
30:50 Freestyle (from “Jamal”)
33:00 Dj Dice Scratching
36:20 Smash Sumthin
38:22 Let´s Get Dirty
40:35 Suspect Chin Music
43:50 Let Da Monkey Out
44:24 Da Goodness
47:52 The Motto
51:20 Smoke Intermission
52:20 How High
56:18 How High Part 2
59:20 Y.O.U.
1:03:55 Judgement Day
1:07:20 Da Rockwilder
1:10:50 Shimmy Shimmy Ya
1:12:30 Brooklyn Zoo

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Luc Skyz – Catch My Drift (Video)

• August 20, 2009 • Comments (1)
Luc Skyz

Luc Skyz

When it comes to UK Hip-Hop, Luc Skyz is one of the most infamous figures when discussing post-2000 artists. Here is the video for his single “Catch My Drift”.

The new single Catch My Drift has a release date of September 7th 2009, and is listed on the forthcoming album which is currently untitled. The album will be produced by Bolo, who is more known for working with Hip-Hop superstar T-Pain. We will share more information on the new project as soon as we receive it. We will also post the official artwork and tracklisting. Expect collaborations from other UK Hip-Hop artists and producers. You can watch the official video for Luc Skyz – Catch My Drift on the video player below.

2017 UPDATE – We have now updated the Luc Skyz – Catch My Drift video with the official one below. This post has been modified in 2017 to keep fans updated with the artists we’ve supported over the years.

Luc Skyz went on to collaborate with the likes of Maverick Sabre and Reveal (Poisonous Poets). It’s been a while since we heard from him. After checking the Twitter feed, the last update was in 2016. We are friends with Luc on Facebook and see he’s doing well outside of music. We would love to continue featuring his music on the website if we do receive any new material. Luc did release “The Maze Mixtape” in 2013 but that was the last official project we’ve seen. There was a 2012 freestyle that we featured, and of course a SBTV session. Along with a lot of UK Hip-Hop artists we supported in our earlier days, little commercial success was gained.

We hope you enjoy “Catch My Drift” and it takes you down memory lane. Check out the other UK Hip-Hop artists we’ve featured over the years, as we continue to bring you new music. The likes of Maverick Sabre has gone on to achieve great things as most of you know. Reveal is still releasing music as well (not with Poisonous Poets). Doc Brown has moved into the comedy world. Luc Skyz did move into the movie world. He has an official IMDB profile and appeared in “His’Story” and “4 O’Clock Club”.

Drop your comments on the Catch My Drift video below and join the conversation on Twitter. Luc Skyz Twitter is @LucSkyz and you can also follow Hip-Hop Kings on Twitter (@HipHopKingsUK)

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